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The following is provided for your information:


For the Competitors:

- For events in which more than one tune submission is required, you must submit your list of tunes separately via e-mail NO LATER THAN 6 pm EDT, Saturday, February 27.  Indicate in the e-mail, subject line: "Tune Submission" and within the text,  your Name, Grade, Piper or Drummer and tunes you are submitting for each event entered.  You will receive a reply no later than Thursday, March 4, 6pm, which tunes have been selected by the assigned judge(s).

- Piobaireachd events: You must email us the sheet music for your tune if your setting is not from the Kilberry or Piobaireachd Society books. email us at: [email protected]..  Please submit your sheet music with the email when you submit your video 

- For drumming events, 

For virtual solo snare drumming contests only, competitors are permitted to use either a drum or a drum pad.

For virtual solo tenor and bass drumming contests only, competitors are permitted to use either a drum, a drum pad, or a hard surface.

For all virtual solo drumming contests, accompaniment is required.  If the roll off command is not audible on the recorded accompaniment used, it is permissible for the competitor to listen to the first roll of the roll off and only play the second roll of the roll off.

 - If you choose to use a recording of a piper, the recording may be of a piper playing the Highland bagpipes, Electronic pipes, or practice chanter. 

- Tenor and bass drummers may compete with an optional side drummer but it is not required. 

- This an EUSPBA Sanctioned Event and all rules and regulations concerning competition apply 

- Competitors will not be required to be in Highland dress (but is encouraged) or march 

- All other rules applicable to EUSPBA contests (i.e. sanctioning, result reporting etc.) remain in effect

To Submit your videos: 

- Your videos must not be recorded before 8:00am EDT on Friday, March 18

- The competitor must clearly state his/her name, grade, contest, competitor number, tune name, current date and time at the beginning of the video 

- Upload your video to YouTube and set it to Public or Unlisted but not private

- Copy and paste the link into a Word document (be sure it’s a hyperlink so the judges can click on it) 

- Each event must be submitted in a separate video and Word Document

- Each event video must be made in one complete take (no editing, or splicing)

- Submit all Word documents with video hyperlinks no later than 11:00pm, EDT,  Sunday, March 20

- Your video should show most or all of your body, including your head. Your video must be lighted properly so your face and hands can be clearly seen. Videos with poor lighting or sound (back lighting, face and hands not clearly visible, distorted sound, etc.) may be not be accepted. 

- You must be in full view of the camera with your face, upper body, hands, and drum all clearly visible. If you use a live piper, they may also be on camera (but not required). 

- Bass drummers should stand with one drum head facing towards the camera

- Save the word document using the format: name, competitor number, grade event, 2022CIVC 

- Email the Word document to [email protected]  

- All videos will be reviewed for proper introduction and format.  Unacceptable videos will be returned to the competitor and may be disqualified.

- Videos will be sent to the Judges no later than March 9, depending on the volume of entries.

- Judges will review the videos and return their results no later than April 1.  Once verified, results will be emailed to contestants as they are received, just like an in-person contest, but no later than April 8.  Please do not inquire about results or score sheets until April 9.

- Score sheets will be processed as fast as possible and sent individually.  The goal is to have them sent out to each competitor no later than April 8.